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Types 0406, 0407, 5404, 6407

- All versions of Types 0406 (from March 2018) and 0407 (from June 2018) will be blocked due to approval issues
- Alternatives for Type 0406 are available for versions up to 160 °C steam temperature since October 2017 (Type 5404 code NA07)
- Alternatives for Type 0407 are planned for versions up to 150 °C steam temperature (Type 6407) or up to 160° C (Type 5404 code NA07), both from end of February 2018
More - Phase out for solenoid valves Types 0406/0407 (replacements: Types 5404/6407)
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Seamless integration due to new connectivity options for our Mass Flow Controller and Mass Flow Meter Types 8741 and 8745

As a result of digitization, the demand for automated machines and plants with intelligent field devices is increasing. Industrial Ethernet often forms the basis for a consistent and cross-departmental network infrastructure. For example, the gas flow should be measured and regulated fully automatically while transferring data via Industrial Ethernet.

So far, however, the connection of our mass flow meters (MFM) and mass flow controllers (MFC) to Industrial Ethernet was only possible with signal converters, such as the ME43 fieldbus gateway.
More - Industrial Ethernet Interface for Mass Flow Controller & MFM
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Bürkert resistApp

Combine fluids and materials with each other and check the chemical resistance with our new Bürkert resistApp. Now available at the website and to download at the App Stores.

More Bürkert resistApp