Support recipients

Számlaközpont Zrt. places great emphasis on continuous improvement of the comfort services provided to the receivers. Our goal is to provide a solution that can be used to process incoming documents without printing (posting, submitting, mailing and other information in the appropriate import format ... etc.) to achieve a complete paperless process.

The Számlaközpont Zrt. providing a free account administration interface for the recipients, which provides a unique identifier (username and password).In the invoice archive you can find all the received electronic documents in chronological order + 8 years back, with the attachments.

E-invoice issuance:

The law determines what constitutes an e-bill:

„The electronic invoice (e-invoice) is an invoice or a simplified invoice issued in electronic form and accepted what .

In practice, this means that electronic output is a scanned paper invoice and is transmitted in PDF format by e-mail without any authentication. As a consequence of the change in legislation, it is not mandatory to place an electronic signature and a timely stamp on the electronic invoice document at the time of the exhibition, but in this case it is necessary to provide a reliable audit link.

For E-invoices, the methods previously included in the Act, such as an account with an enhanced electronic signature and timestamp or an invoice created and transmitted in the EDI system, are still acceptable.

The Számlaközpont Zrt.for the convenience of our partners, we have moved to a qualified electronic signature, even though, as stated above, we do not have to provide the issuer's certificates with any authentication. Of course, we would like to relieve the hosting site, as in this case they should be responsible for the appropriate signature and time stamp pairs, according to the rules of archiving (GKM Decree), which would make the inclination of the host even lower.

Our servers:
Drávanet Zrt 7624 Pécs, Budai Nagy Antal u 1
Rackforest Kft 1108 Budapest Kozma u. 2


The following legal regulations apply to digital documents authentication, electronic signature and e-invoicing.
  • 1952. évi III. Act on Civil Procedure
  • 24/1995. (XI.22.) PM decree - Identification of invoice, simplified invoice and receipt tax administration
  • 2000. évi C. Act on Accounting
  • 2001. évi XXXV. Act - Electronic signature
  • 13/2005. (X. 27.)IHM Decree - Rules for making electronic copies of paper-based documents
  • 2007. évi CXXVII. Act on General Sales Tax
  • 46/2007. (XII. 29.) PM decree - Some provisions regarding electronic invoices
  • 114/2007. (XII. 29.) GKM Decree - Digital archival rules
  • 79/2004. (IV. 19.) Government Decree on the provision and quality of postal services

„The obligation to keep a copy of the retention obligation is to ensure that electronic documents are preserved in a way that prevents the possibility of subsequent modification and protects electronic documents against deletion, destruction, accidental destruction and damage or unauthorized access.”

„The maintainer is obliged to ensure that the readability of the secured electronic documents is maintained during the retention obligation by providing a software and hardware environment that permits the disclosure of the documents.”

„The obligator is obliged to check the validity of the electronic signature and, if the electronic signature is not yet placed, Eat. based on the electronic signature of the electronic document.”

Account Center Zrt. Provides all customers and their account holders an online user account that is made available on their own account. On this server, Account Center Zrt. On its own servers, free of charge, keeps the documents sent through our system by certifying it (timestamp + certified signature) in accordance with the conditions described in the law (subject + 8 years).

Outgoing documents can be accessed at any time in the user account for account holders (account custodians), where they can be downloaded online with more convenience than storage. Accordingly, any number of authentic originals can be downloaded if a user wishes to store it on their own, on an electronic medium.